Are you a boat captain looking for the dream job? Reef Divers has the best reputation, the best boats, and the best diving in the Caribbean. Located on the beach of the Brac Reef Beach Resort we provide full valet service and exceptional diving. Employees receive, an hourly wage, overtime, holiday pay, commission on courses and night dives, lunch reimbursement, health insurance, two weeks paid vac

ation, and pension (after 9 months). Our team consists of like minded individuals that work hard, have worked elsewhere, and have decided that Cayman Brac is the place for them. 

Reef Divers, Cayman Brac is looking to hire a dive boat captain. Qualified applicants must know how to maneuver 46’ twin engine inboard diesel boats, be capable in general boat maintenance, and accustom to a wide range of sea conditions. Additional requirements should have good English skills, be healthy, be able to lift 75lb dive kits repetitively, be a currant instructor. Lastly, we hire long term and full time. Reef Divers is not looking for seasonal employees.

To be the best means doing it all. Other responsibilities include; filling tanks, visually inspecting scuba cylinders, assisting at our hydrostatic testing facility, scuba instruction, mooring maintenance, and cleaning, organizing and maintaining our facilities.

Qualified applicants should send their CV and currant photo to


Company: Brac Reef Beach Resort
Location: Caribbean
Town: Cayman Brac
Country: Cayman islands
Map position:
Cayman Brac, Sister Islands, Kajmanské ostrovy


Contact person: Mick Maher
e-mail: Email:

Dive boat captain, Cayman Brac