Gain hands on experience in a marine environment with incredible animals such as sea turtles! Gain knowledge and experience in coral reef monitoring and coral gardening.


This program is a great chance to get involved in marine conservation and work closely with the amazing sea turtles.  Sea turtles are brought to the turtle rehabilitation center after being kept as pets or after being found in the wild injured/sick, these turtles will then be rehabilitated and kept in the center until they are ready to be released.  The program is run by our resident marine biologist, allowing you to learn from and work with other ocean enthusiasts.  You will also take part in coral gardening in an attempt to restore the degraded reefs.  There is an opportunity to learn and take part in reef monitoring, to record the health of the surrounding reefs.

You will be given the chance to immerse yourself in a different culture and experience the 'real' Maldives. The Maldives is far more than just luxury resorts (although you will get chance to experience the luxurious resorts too).

Volunteers will work closely with our resident marine biologist. Daily tasks are varied and may include:

• Cleaning and feeding the rescued turtles
• Conducting reef surveys on atoll islands
• Cleaning the coral frames/assessing coral health
• Organizing community beach cleans/marine awareness sessions

Marine turtle conservation in Huvadhoo Atoll is vitally important for maintaining the ecological balance in the costal, seagrass, coral reef, and oceanic habitats that local communities depend on to maintain their health and livelihoods.  Only seven species of marine turtles currently exist, and they are all under serious threat of extinction. 


Coral reefs need to be regularly monitored as they play a very important role in the Maldives. They are necessary for many species of fish and invertebrates as they provide a safe habitat and protection from predators. They also help to protect coastlines from tropical storms and effects from waves. For the Maldives in particular, the coral reefs are what attracts thousands of tourists every year, making tourism the leading contributor for income. Without the reefs the Maldives would suffer, so the work you would be carrying out as a volunteer will help the resident’s long term! 



DDay 1 (Saturday) Arrive in the Maldives

Day 2 (Sunday) Orientation, tour around the island, and visit to uninhabited island

Day 3 (Monday) Introductory session on sea turtle rehabilitation, turtle feeding & have beach diner party 

Day 4 (Tuesday) Turtle feeding, coral gardening & BBQ


Day 5 (Wednesday) Trip to sandbank/uninhabited island & turtle rehabilitation 


Day 6 (Thursday) Coral reef surveying, turtle rehabilitation & Night fishing 

Day 7 (Friday) Trip to uninhabited island, turtle rehabilitation & & BBQ 


Day 8 (Saturday) Turtle rehabilitation, cultural and language exchange and sports with locals 


Day 9 (Sunday) Turtle rehabilitation, coral reef surveying and cultural night


Day 10 (Monday) Turtle rehabilitation & Coral gardening 


Day 11 (Tuesday) Relaxation on unique uninhabited island & coral reef surveying 


Day 12 (Wednesday) Madaveli Island tour & turtle rehabilitation 


Day 13 (Thursday) Turtle rehabilitation, coral gardening & Beach party 


Day 14 (Friday) Free day, Optional activity; Day visit to tourists resorts with a minimum fee to cover transport and access. Discounts available on food and other services 


Day 15 (Saturday) Coral reef surveying, turtle rehabilitation and sports with locals  


Day 16 (Sunday) Turtle rehabilitation & free time


Day 17 (Monday) Uninhabited island trip & turtle rehabilitation


Day 18 (Tuesday) Turtle rehabilitation, dolphin watch and Movie night 


Day 19 (Wednesday) Turtle rehabilitation & planting & coral gardening 


Day 20 (Thursday) Snorkeling & farewell party 


Day 21 (Friday) Coral reef surveying, and getting ready for departure  


Day 22 (Saturday) Goodbye Maldives







As it is a small island there are limited activities to do in your spare time, however, you can go to local café designated or take a walk to the beach and watch the breathtaking sunsets. You can also spend your spare time enjoying some of the many activities on the island. Locals are huge fans of football, volleyball and Bashi – a traditional Maldivian women’s sport. If you are a person who loves water activities then you are in the right place. The ocean plays the role of a big playground.


Company: Sun sHADe Volunteers Maldives
Location: Asia
Town: Hoadedhoo
Country: Maledives


Contact person: Linda
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