Contribute to conserving and building a new coral reef in North Bali. Transplanting broken coral and growing new baby coral is the practical experience you'll receive.


On our marine conservation Scuba diving, Naturalist, Conservationist volunteer program you will be focusing mainly on water-based activities such as coral farming, reef clean up, Nudibranch survey, turtle monitoring, and shipwreck monitoring

When the coral farm has new coral fragments (nubbins) growing, regular cleaning is required to keep the algae away. Once they are healthy, the new frames to protect them [called the nursery] can be built. You will be contributing to taking broken coral fragments and giving them a second chance to survive at our nursery. Some frames will remain on our nursery permanently as fish are using them as homes for their juveniles. 

Part taking in 'Reef cleans up' is also a vital element to this placement. Keeping the ocean clean and free of old fishing nets will help to restore the natural reefs. 

Turtle monitoring is also included in the placement. This consists of monitoring baby eggs on the beach and releasing them back to the sea. [when in the season]

Migration of dolphin monitoring:  Supporting our Marine biologists' research on the migration of Dolphins in Lovina/Java Ocean. You will be taken out with a local captain to monitor the dolphins at specific times during the day, thereafter this data will be collected to be analyzed.

*Activities offered* includes: helping with constructing and transplanting artificial reef structures, marine conservation education in our own classroom and other partner schools, scuba diving activities, turtle conservation projects, plastic recycling projects, and beach/reef cleans. 

40% Theory-based learning in group tasks will take part in our classroom and 60% practical experience will take place on the beach, outdoor community engagement and diving/snorkeling. 


Typical day

    • Breakfast= 08:00. 
    • Morning activity (options listed below) starts at 09:00. This session finishes around 11:00-11:30. 
    • Lunch is served at 12:00. 
    • After lunch volunteers have a break for the hottest part of the day where they can socialize or go the beach. 
    • At 14:00 afternoon activity starts. This finishes 16:00-16:30 and volunteers have the rest of the day off. 
    • Dinner is served at 19:00. 

Free-time activities


  • Sunrise and morning boat trip with the local fisherman. 
  • Clear and warm water is the perfect place for snorkeling and diving. At the volunteer camp we provide all the equipment needed to do these activities. Do not worry if you have limited experience snorkeling or diving, our instructors will be happy to help you
  • Waterfalls, there are many waterfalls you can visit with local guides 
  • Temples, Bali is well known as the island of a thousand temples. 
  • Beaches, Bali has so many wonderful beaches to offer. 
  • Balinese markets,  visit the traditional village market which starts at 5am every morning. Our local staff will be very happy to show you around.
  • Attending local Balinese ceremonies. 
  • Other activities in popular touristic spots such as Canggu, Kuta and Seminyak. Volunteers often choose to spend their weekends off in places like this. There are many hotels, hostels and resorts volunteers can choose to stay in. 


Company: Bali Dyslexia Foundation
Location: Asia
Town: Buleleng
Country: Indonesia


Contact person: Linda
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Coral Reef Restoration