This volunteer contributes to an ongoing initiative to improve and monitor marine and coastal ecosystem health.


As the Marine and Coastal Habitat Conservation Volunteer you will contribute to an ongoing initiative to improve and monitor marine and coastal ecosystem health. The data collected will help guide the environmental planning of this protected area. 

Your volunteer time will consist of marine and coastal habitat restoration work. On land, this includes invasive species removal, reforestation, bird diversity counts and data collection. Work in the water includes snorkeling to conduct fish and seagrass surveys, underwater trash pickups, and invasive species removal (lion fish capturing). 

Your specific tasks will depend on the needs of the community. 

Participating in an IOI project in Cuba offers the incredibly rare, and impactful opportunity to make a profound contribution in a country that is in an exceptional state of transition. 

Cuba is facing a sudden modernization process in communication, tourism, and real estate – all of which will have significant impacts on the local community and culture. As a result, things are moving very quickly, and the island could immediately begin to face environmental and social pressures as a result of trying to accommodate the influx of people and ideologies.

IOI is uniquely qualified to navigate the complex system that is Cuba in order to provide volunteers with real life, real impact programs that empower the local community in a sustainable way. In Cocodrilo, community members are working with local scientists and volunteers like you to protect their natural resources. The volunteer program has given them a reason to switch from fishing to conducting a fish survey or reforestation of native plants. Your participation in our volunteer program directly supports the conservation work. We firmly believe the only way to engage in effective conservation is by working with local communities.

As a volunteer, you will help collect data necessary for the conservation of Cocodrilo's local protected area. Your work will greatly help in maintaining the community's marine and coastal habitat restoration project. That fact that you travel all the way to remote Cocodrilo to help with conservation efforts shows the community that their resources really are worth protecting!

Typical day

Our schedules are based on 20 hrs/week. The normal schedule is Monday-Friday 7:30 – 11:30AM which may be subject to change depending on the tasks at hand.  Volunteer activities on land will fill 3-4 hours of the morning and are based on the needs of the community. The afternoons and evenings are free for you to explore Cocodrilo and it's beautiful coastline.

During your volunteer activities, you will be primarily working with local community members who have years of experience working with volunteers like you. They will make sure you are safe and happy during your time volunteering and that you are doing work that will be valuable to the community. All we ask of you is that you show up on time and are an enthusiastic worker and have an open mind. Many plans in Cuba can change last minute-so be prepared!

Make sure you bring clothes that are appropriate for the tropical weather, so in addition to the normal shorts, shirts, and flip flops, bring lightweight long sleeve clothing to protect yourself from the bugs and sun, sunscreen, bug repellent, good shoes for walking. Also bring your snorkeling gear including a snorkel, mask, and fins. 




Free-time activities

The town of Cocodrilo is small but there is plenty to do, especially if you like to be outdoors! You'll have the afternoon to explore the surrounding areas, from the picturesque beach to the crystal clear waters. We will provide you with a list of optional activities should you choose that you want to do something guided by a local community member for an extra cost. There is limited internet in Cocodrilo so it's the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the local way of life! 


Company: IOI-Empowering Cuba
Location: Caribbean
Town: Cocodrilo
Country: Cuba


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Marine and Costal Habitat Conservation Assistant