This marine conservation programme offers a unique opportunity to develop practical and professional skills to kick-start your career in marine conservation.

This is a structured 2-week training and 6-week experience program. Whilst you coordinate the program as a team, our staff will provide continual support to hone your skills. The program culminates with our exclusive individual Professional Development feedback session that will enable you to understand the numerous skills you have gained and help you identify your future career direction. In addition, a personal assignment will be tailored specifically to your skill-set, individual strengths and interests to help you get the most out of your experience. During your placement you will develop a deeper understanding of international environmental policy processes, negotiations and global marine conservation funding through our classroom training and working alongside us.

The skills you learn during your placement will be invaluable in your future career and will include knowledge of travel and personal security aspects, project and financial management, international development, report writing, database management, training and presentation skills – not to mention a wealth of diving experience.
There is nothing else out there like this!


During your placement, you will help to implement important marine conservation policies and programs in key areas, where your work is really needed, and requested by governments


Company: Volunteer World
Location: Asia
Town: Zamboanguita
Country: Philippinen
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Unnamed Road, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental, Philippinen


Contact person: Jeremy
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Marine Conservation Internship