We aim to provide the local communities & government with the information they need to design and implement plans for the future protection of the marine ecosystem.

The increasing population in Madagascar is having a destructive impact on the island's ecology. The local government is now working with international conservation groups, including this project team, to stop this destruction and save the island's invaluable biodiversity. The project team and the volunteers discover and chart extensive areas of pristine coral, record healthy populations of fish and coral cover and identify a wide range of intertidal creatures. On shore, the team explores the lush mangrove forests, the unique ecosystem which straddles the land and the ocean. The Location

During this program you will be performing scuba and snorkel surveys, in which you will map coral, identify reef fish and invertebrates, study the behavior of fish and possibly see whale sharks. The data you will be bringing will help create future management plans. Further program activities include surveying mangroves, a vital buffer against storm surges caused by cyclones, and an important part of the coastal ecosystem.


Company: Volunteer World
Location: Africa
Town: Nosy Be Island
Country: Madagaskar
Map position:
Nosy Be, Island Scents, Antsiranana, Madagaskar


Contact person: Saul
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Diving and Marine Research