Learn from our marine scientists, help create UNESCO protected marine parks, teach conservation awareness in primary schools and become a PADI diver!

The Bahamas National Trust has requested Greenforce to survey the underwater environment of the coastline along Andros Island with the aim of protecting its surrounding reefs. Thus, we collect data to identify areas along the coast that can be used for tourism. On the flip side we are also identifying areas that should be marked off as Marine Parks (i.e. fish breeding grounds) and finally, areas suitable for local fishing communities to work and live. The “big picture” is to make the island a sustainable environment for everyone who needs to live/work there while also protecting the wonderful and varied marine life that lives on the reefs around the island.

As part of our team of Marine Research Assistants, you'll experience unforgettable diving, make a whole community of friends and help ensure that future generations will care for the reef and its long term sustainability. Don't just talk about conservation, come and make a positive impact.

Volunteer Assistant Marine researchers needed! Work with our local partners to protect the coral reefs and provide a sustainable future for this beautiful island. No experience required just the desire to make a difference. Learn to dive and receive full PADI dive training over the first two weeks of the course. You'll be trained by experienced scientists in how to complete underwater marine surveys and to identify the many species of marine animals and corals you'll see including invasive species, sharks and turtles. You'll also learn how to monitor marine movements and how to locate breeding and feeding grounds. The underwater world becomes your new home.

To complete your project work you will need to be a capable diver, so we will train you to PADI Advanced Open Water level, and then add in your Emergency First Response qualification for good measure too! Plus with the amount of diving you'll be doing, and the variety of dive sites in the Bahamas, you'll leave as a competent and experienced scuba diver with some amazing memories for your time in the Caribbean!


Company: Volunteer World
Location: Caribbean
Town: Staniard Creek
Country: Bahamas
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Unnamed Road, Staniard Creek, Bahamas


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