The reefs of Malapascua are beautiful...but under pressure. Learn the methods and techniques used to assess and quantify their health and contribute to their protection.


The Philippines has long been recognised as a global biodiversity hotspot. Numerous authors have pointed to incredible species biodiversity that is found here. However, it is also under increasing pressure in a variety of forms such as overfishing, destructive fishing, unregulated development and climatic events. In recognition of this, efforts are being made to adopt sustainable management of marine and coastal resources so that these amazing ecosystems can be preserved. 

Our 'Marine Resources Researcher’ volunteer programme has been established with the primary goal of collecting data about the marine environment around the island of Malapascua and also the wider Municipality of Daanbantayan. This information is essential for the local government bodies and other stakeholders who are working towards conserving one of the Philippines’ main asset. 

We truly value the contribution that our volunteers make to the continuation of our work, and in doing so, continue to support the people of the Philippines in working for a better future. Our volunteers do not join us to work alongside our team on site. Rather, we want them to be part of that team. We run small expeditions - we have a maximum of eight volunteers at any one time. With so much to be achieved together, we all work hard to foster an environment in which they can learn, contribute, have fun, and most importantly, feel fulfilled. It is very important to us that our volunteers understand the contribution they make. All volunteers receive our 'Project Presentation' upon arrival which serves to set the scene, and help them to understand the 'bigger picture' with regards to conservation efforts in the region. We feel that the most rewarding expedition outcome will be one where volunteers see and understand the difference they have made. 


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Marine Resources Researcher