Come join our marine conservation team to help build, clean and maintain new coral frames on our coral nursery & then transplant into reef when they are mature.

On our marine conservation Scuba diving volunteer program you will be focusing mainly on water based activities such as coral farming, reef clean ups and seahorse spotting or survey dives. 

When the coral farm has new coral fragments (nubbins) in it, then regular cleaning is required to keep the algae off them. Once they are healthy enough, then new frames can be made and new broken corals that we find from the natural reef can be added. We are taking already broken coral fragments and giving them a second chance to survive at our nursery. Some frames will remain on our nursery permanently as fish are using them as homes for their juveniles. 

Reef cleans are important too to clear off any trash and sometimes old fishing nets off the natural reefs. Seahorse surveys can also be done here or even just seahorse spotting dives to try to find them and identify what species they are. 

We work directly with the Ministry of Fisheries and Conservation in the Cambodian Government and provide our data and regular reports to them. 

Volunteers play the most important role to help keep the project alive and also to help keep the corals on our nursery alive. It is really amazing to see the huge impact that the coral nursery has already had in the ocean.  


Company: Volunteer World
Location: Asia
Town: Kâmpóng Saôm
Country: Kambodscha
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Unnamed Road, Kâmpóng Saôm, Kambodscha


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Coral Farming Assistant