have ever try to dive and you love it?
do you want to work and enjoy? 

Learn to dive working with us, free accomodation, learn inside a Water sport center, with professionals.

From Open to Dive Master.

Job requirements:

English and or French speaking, we offer a great opportunity do learn how to manage a Water Sport center, with a great Dive experience. Looking for 2 ore more dynamic people from July to December, or for at least one month each.

Required Language: English / French
Diving qualification: advance to Instructor


Company: il camaleonte
Location: Africa
Town: Anakao
Country: Madagascar
Map position:
Anakao, Madagascar


Contact person: david
e-mail: Email:
Phone: +261326367234 + 393393076898
Facebook: Il Camaleonte Anakao - water sport center

From Open to Dive Master