Our dive center Atlantis offers volunteer internship job to become a divemaster, professional scuba diver. The offer is valid the whole year. The dates of the internship are flexible and need to be agreed in advance with us. This is a great opportunity to master a new job, to practice sports and to enjoy life in Tenerife.

The interns that are coming to our dive center need to have some experience in scuba diving. It could be at least a try dive so that this person had an idea if he or she can dive. During the internship the participants follow all scuba diving courses till Divemaster for free, only the padi certificates and fees are to be paid by interns.
The duration is normally 2 months, deending on how many courses the intern has to complete. There are 4 courses to be completed before starting the divemaster course: Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Emergency First Response, Rescue Diver. If interns would like to learn more about scuba diving and continue their trainning with specialties of PADI, they can sign up for them paying only the costs that the company has.

On the first day of arrival interns meet with our managers and are explained what they are supposed to do. The duties are divided into 2 parts.

1. Helping our instructors in diving operation that includes preparing the equipment for the clients, attending the clients in the shop, making reservations of scuba diving and snorkeling tours, washing equipment after finishing the dives, storing equipment in the dive center.

2. Promotion on social nets. Posting on facebook, instagram. Writing articles for the blog.

On the days when it´s possible, the interns join the groups of divers and explore the dive sites of Tenerife. Till the end of the divemaster course the interns have to have 60 registered dives. After that they get licensed by PADI federation, that is the most known diving federation in the world.

The interns work 5 days a week, 8 hours per day. The days off are flexible and agreed with the team leader.

During the internship it´s essensial to learn the job of a divemaster: leading certified and try divers, helping instructors leading the scuba courses, giving briefing, preparing and maintaining diving equipment. In our dive center divemaster coursants are able to participate in real diving operation and `pratice the new skills and knowledge with our clients under the supervision of the instructor who teaches the divemaster course.

We help looking for accommodation and rental of car to make it easier for the interns to come to Tenerife.

More details about the divemaster internship in Tenerife with Diving Atlantis you can find here.

Job requirements:

Though only English language is required, knowledge of other languages is highly welcome. We receive clients of different nationalities every day and each divemaster/instructor of our team speaks at least 3 languages. We practice a lot German, French, Spanish, Russian and Polish. Knowing one of these languages or any other would be an advantage for the intern.

As far as we work with tourists, every day receiving new divers, we are looking for interns with good communicative skills. It's important to give good first impression and to easily find contact with the customers.

Another essantial quality is to be a good team player. The interns need to build positive relations with other team members.

Required Language: English
Diving qualification: Some experience in scuba diving


Company: Diving Atlantis Tenerife
Location: Europe
Town: Arona
Country: Hiszpania
Map position:
Paseo Maritimo, 17, 38650 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Hiszpania


Contact person: Ekaterina
e-mail: Email:
Phone: +34671408970

Divemaster Internship Tenerife